The World’s First and Only Evidence Based and Trauma Informed Empathetic Mindful Curriculum in Schools.


Bridging Academics and the Mind

What You Get:

-11 Instructional animations
-11 Practice animations
-7 Situational practice combinations
-Monthly live sessions
-Access anytime, anywhere, mobile, or desktop




For Mom’s & Dad’s, Caregivers:

-Gives your kids a break from technology and social media
-Spend more time connecting and less time disciplining
-Decrease anxiety, worry, and fear
-Cultivate a more empathetic home environment
-Decrease negative interactions among family members
-Use for self-care

For Youth:

-Lower stress and anxiety in the home
-Be more present and centered
-Improves sleep
-More peaceful interactions with the people in your home



"I use BAM with my 13 year old and 8 year old as often as possible. They even use it on their own. I notice they are more present with the things they are doing, have less altercations, and even use the practices on their own."

Mom @ Friends School of Baltimore

Pause. Take a Breath With Us.

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Our mission is to have the mindfulness practice in every home by 2030.

We have been working with public and private schools for over 18 years. We started in Baltimore City to give kids the skills and tools to cope with life. Tools that our parents taught us growing up, but our classmates and people surrounding us did not have.
Because we started in the inner city of Baltimore, where we grew up, we have empathy towards the trauma, anxieties, stress and pressure children deal with on a daily basis.
Now, our impact goes beyond Baltimore borders.
We’ve held facilitating programs and trainings in five countries and three continents, helping students all over the world.
By giving youth the tools to self regulate and manage themselves, it creates a culture of empathy in the household.
We believe the time spent punishing kids can be better used learning skills and practices they can use their entire life.


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