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  1. You want to update the language indicating copyright protection to: ©2020 Involution Group, all rights reserved. By virtue of the BAM program being fixed on a medium such as this website, it is protected by copyright. The additional language provides added protection because it eliminates any “innocent infringers” from claiming they didn’t have notice that the information was claiming copyright protection.


  1. I am ready to file the copyright application but need the updated videos that say “BAM” instead of Holistic Life Foundation at the beginning. Please just drop the updated videos in a google drive to me. I am going to file for protection of the layout of the BAM At Home website (see attached for the deposit that will accompany the application). I will also include the videos listed on the website with the deposit since I am going to make the argument that the federal copyright registration should extend to the individual videos since it is a collection. Please be aware that the deposits are public information and that people would be able to see what is provided to the copyright office by paying a fee and submitting a written request.


  1. Have you considered a “Terms of Use” or agreement that is agreed to by a person who purchases the BAM at home program that they are merely licensing use of the product? This is an agreement that will further make clear that anyone who is looking to use this product has not rights, title or interest in the program. Does the site have a pop-up of some sort that the person would agree to? In the case of the school districts, having them sign a Terms of Use/License Agreement would also be used to sue them if they ever attempted to copy or steal your product. Let me know if you would like me to put one together for you.

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